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Meet The Team

at Natural Dentistry

Christine Zhang

Dental Hygienist

Christine is a passionate and dedicated dental hygienist. She helps her patients maintain a healthy mouth through effective preventative treatments, education, and personalised instructions for their oral care at home.

She believes “The best doctor is the one who can intervene before diseases start; so I love being a dental hygienist because I do my best to keep you from the dentist.”

Having teeth checked and cleaned can be unpleasant and scary. Yet they are necessary and important procedures to benefit your oral health and overall wellbeing. Christine is very gentle, patient and caring and will clean and polish your teeth to let them shine again. 

“When I am doing this work, I am so concentrated in the details that I almost meditate. Patients are often involved in my tranquilising vibe and feel relaxed and often fall asleep.”

Her qualifications range from Bachelor of Oral Health, Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science, Master of International Public Health and Master of Interpreting & Translating. In 2010 she received a Dean’s Merit Award. She is a Registered Dental hygienist and member of DHAA.


Now also a busy mother with 3 young children, Asher, Chaya and Micah. “Children teach me so much and help me become a better person and give me the most wonderful joy and love; I do everything with them”. 

In her spare time she likes to read, practice Chinese calligraphy and sing in a Christian choir. Her next goal is to study a bit more in traditional Chinese Medicine and use that to serve her dental patients better. 

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