Meet The Team

at Natural Dentistry

Salik Faniad

Dental Hygienist 

Dr Salik Faniad graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health at the University of Newcastle in 2013 and has joined the team at Natural Dentistry as Dental Hygienist.

As a technically experienced hygienist in Sydney, Salik is well equipped in caring for the needs and queries of concerned patients. His ability to read verbal and non- verbal cues together with a friendly presence helps to establish clear communication with his patients. 

As an evidence-based practitioner and hygienist in Sydney, Salik is committed to delivering high quality dental care and connecting his patients' oral health with their general health.

Salik is committed to his continued learning and stays up to date with the latest dental technique and technology. He enjoys reading about contemporary research and attends continuous professional development courses. 

Outside of the practice Salik is a soccer enthusiast and his favourite team is Manchester city. He loves travelling and spending time with his wife and baby daughter.


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