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Meet The Team

at Natural Dentistry

Dr Ross Mackay

Associate Dentist

Dr Ross graduated from Sydney University in 1979. He practised for a short time in Sydney then moved to London for 8 years.  Having returned from London in 1987 he continued in private practice and set up Natural Dentistry in Gordon almost 15 years ago.

Over the last 20 years Ross has written articles for medical journals and health magazines on the mercury issue in dentistry and on complementary approaches to dental treatment.

Even on occasion has been a spokesman for complementary dentistry on the radio and in newspapers.

"My long term interest in Eastern philosophy and medicine has shaped the way I now practise dentistry. From consideration and compassion for patients in the dental surgery to realising that our body’s function, wellness and disease is all interrelated.

I have spent years developing ways to integrate these Eastern concepts and experience with the best modern dental practice.

Natural Dentistry's accociate dentist Dr Ross Mackay

The turning point for me was in 1988 when a patient asked me to remove her amalgam fillings because she thought they were affecting her health. I was sceptical but did replace her mercury fillings with composite resin. A couple of months after completing the treatment she wrote describing how much her health had improved and how thankful she was for the treatment.


Since then I have continued to study areas such as herbal medicine, vitamin and mineral therapies and acupuncture along with keeping up to date with the advances in dental technologies and treatments. For me, there is an excitement and joy in learning and bringing these different areas into my daily practice."

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