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Veneers are a fantastic dental solution used to mask appearance issues with your teeth including  chipping, discolouration or rotations. The process of getting veneers is straightforward and will significantly improve the appearance, colour and shape of your teeth allowing you to feel comfortable and confident.

What Are Veneers? 

Veneers are a thin, tooth-coloured shell made from either porcelain or composite resin that are shaped to bond to the front of your natural teeth. They are most commonly used instead of a crown where there is a sufficient, healthy, natural tooth structure available. Veneers are an excellent way to correct the aesthetics by covering chipped or discoloured teeth or even eliminating gaps.

The advantages of veneers include:

  • Veneers can be customised to achieve your desired tooth colour and don’t change colour over time

  • They cover imperfections including gaps, chips and stains

  • Improving the length, shape, proportion, surface texture or colour of your teeth

  • They are durable and scratch resistant

  • They look natural

  • Don’t affect the function of your mouth

What Is The Veneers Process?

Your transformation will involve a simple treatment that usually takes three appointments spanned over the duration of about four weeks.

Appointment One: Smile consultation time! This is where we will provide a simulation so you can visualize your new look! During this appointment we encourage you to discuss your desired aesthetics!

Appointment Two: Your teeth will be prepared, and temporary composite veneers will be placed! Think of this appointment like test driving a new car. Over the next week or so, you can test run your new smile! The temporary veneers will allow you to provide feedback on any changes you would like us to make before the final veneers are made.

Appointment Three: Get ready to debut your new smile! During your last appointment we will bond your veneers into place with a special bonding cement!

Veneers from $57*/Week?

At Natural Dentistry, we believe everyone deserves to feel confident about their smile. To help make treatment as affordable as possible, we now offer interest-free payment plans for veneers starting from as little as $57*/week!


Veneers treatment by Dr Sam Guirguis


Veneers treatment by Dr Angela Rigo


Veneers treatment by Dr Sam Guirguis


Veneers treatment by Dr Angela Rigo


Veneers treatment by Dr Angela Rigo


Veneers treatment by Dr Angela Rigo 

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