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Our self confidence and how we feel about ourselves is closely connected to our appearance. Psychological research has shown that our front teeth are very important in how we perceive the attractiveness of ourselves and others. If you are unhappy with your smile because of your teeth then modern dentistry has much to offer.

So do you think your teeth are not white enough, too big or too small, too long or too short, discoloured, crooked, crowded, protruding, worn, stained, too far apart or too close together? Do you have teeth missing, unsightly grey fillings, chipped or cracked teeth and you want to do something about it? Then we offer a wide range of treatments to give you a confident beautiful smile.

Teeth Whitening

This is a simple procedure that uses hydrogen peroxide to lighten your teeth. It can be done with stronger hydrogen peroxide in the surgery for an hour or at home using fine plastic trays to hold a milder peroxide gel against the teeth for an hour per day over a two week period. We find the best results come from combining both approaches.

The whitening will last from a few months to a few years depending on your diet and teeth but can be easily whitened again at regular intervals using your home whitening kit.

Veneers and Bonding

If your teeth are too stained, chipped, have many fillings (tooth whitening will not work on fillings) or are slightly crooked then this can be corrected by bonding tooth coloured filling materials or placing porcelain veneers. White resin filling material or porcelain veneers will achieve a beautiful result in rebuilding your smile but porcelain being stronger will last longer. Veneers and bonding are usually done on your front teeth. Read more about Veneers


If teeth are worn, have very big fillings or are significantly chipped or broken then a tooth coloured porcelain crown (often called a cap) which covers and protects the whole tooth is the best solution. Crowns are long lasting, strong, wear resistant and can be placed on any tooth.


Crowded and overlapping teeth can be straightened with orthodontic treatment. This may involve braces, removable plates or the new “Invisalign” method which uses a series of thin and clear plastic aligners to move your teeth.

Jaw development orthodontics is using the body’s epigenetics to help develop the jaw to its genetic potential, develop space for the airway and straighten the teeth. Read more about Orthodontics

Implants and Bridges

Missing teeth can be restored with either implants or bridges. With implants a titanium post is placed in the jaw to replace the lost root of your tooth.  A porcelain tooth is then attached to this post. A bridge uses the teeth either side of your missing tooth to support the replacement porcelain tooth.

We always make an hour for your first appointment which will give you time to ask questions and discuss more fully with photographs and literature any of these treatments which may best suited for you.

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